No way must the recent joy riding crash be used as a catalyst to close the Woodmill river crossing for good to (non-emergency) vehicles.

Whether the miscreants are ever likely to be caught (and suitably punished) is debatable, but there's no reason that already fraught motorists should be made to suffer (more).

The few options to drive across the Itchen were limited even further many years ago with the effective closure of Cutbush Lane and traffic (and frustration) has only increased in the intervening years.

Yes, as a local, I can appreciate the serenity of a traffic-free Woodmill, but we are not living in a national park or heritage centre, despite what Izzy Sargent (Echo 15/5/21) might think or desire.

Thousands of Sotonians who have to earn a daily wage rely on the smooth(ish) flow of traffic here.

On Thursday, I myself was nearly late for my second jab in Eastleigh after stumbling on the diversion for the first time.

A detour via Portswood added nearly 15 minutes to my journey. Multiply this aggravation (and extra carbon output) thousands of times (for each day of closure for the next few weeks) and it's not a pretty picture - unlike a traffic free 'Mill.

I doubted the likely benefit of the new traffic lights, prior to their installation; but they help to make the best of a bad job.

Inevitably, as with every busy road, occasionally motorists and pedestrians' orbits will collide; but that's the risk we all take on stepping out the door.

Terry Hickman

Bitterne Park