REFERENCE to Sue Pope's comments, bring back telephonists to answer phones not just a voice to say press this number press that.

Robots have to be programmed - bring back hands on workers.

You are right not many people do not have computers so cannot make appointments etc only over the phone, maybe they are the ones with more sense.

I started work in 1963 when pen and paper, typewriters, switchboards were used.

I worked in food sales office and 1996 was the first time I used a computer to acquire customers orders.

Pen and paper was quicker and much easier.

To stop unemployment and closing companies shops and banks need to stop encouraging shop online bank online.

Look at all the fraudulent transactions taking place, packages, wrong colour, wrong size, having to be returned.

That's why shops and banks are closing plus being asked to pay high rents high business rates.

All in all has computers, robots and greater technology done any one any favers, it would appear not much.

C. Purkiss

West End