THE premature pitch invasion at the end of the last match at the Dell against Brighton sent players and officials scurrying for sanctuary sharpish.

The invasion was all good-natured when it occurred on May 27, 2001, with even the Brighton fans joining in and mingling amicably on what was left of the pitch.

Inevitably the two penalty spots and centre spot were first to go, while the old ground echoed with the machine-gun fire sound of seats being snapped off.

The stewards wisely let them get on with it, turning a blind eye as they waved them triumphantly in the air singing: “Stand up if you’ve got your seat!”

Daily Echo:

Many fans wandered around taking photos and attempted to take in their surroundings one last time.

There was a distinct sense of emptiness though as they finally and almost aimlessly filed away - reluctant to leave, but knowing it would only prolong the pain to stay. By the time the bones had been picked at, it was no longer the ground they had known and loved.