WITH so many decent, well behaved youngsters in our city, it is a pity that a few misbehaving and causing problems, grab the headlines!

High on alcohol, drugs and nitrous oxide, those who targeted Royal Victoria Country Park, and held an impromptu party, abusing the public and police in the process, hopefully can be identified using bodycams, and bought to justice.

It is amazing, that fuelled with bravery in a bottle, some dubious smokes, a little laughing gas and of course safety in numbers, the “normal” teenager can revert to being a member of a pack of wild animals, targeting innocent prey, or those trying to bring them to heel!

We were all young once, and no doubt had our share of mischievous behaviour at times, but nothing on the scale we are currently witnessing. We neither had the money to spend and had better things to do with our time.

Perhaps that is part of the problem, with some young people without prospects, employment, and seemingly without hope!

Richard A Jacob