THE controversy over the Southampton Airport runway expansion continues with now yet another so-called group of experts attempting to add weight to the opposition, yet to my mind their reasoning and argument address only one side of the issue.

Why should this expansion fail without addressing the alternative to that expansion?

Like similar groups, if we deny the expansion we will increase alternative traffic.

Will the group oppose the necessary expansion of motorways, of projects such as HS2?

Do they oppose housing projects on the grounds of increase in energy, water, sanitation needs, and do they oppose solar energy on the basis of loss of farmland and the necessity of importing food?

There are always two sides to any argument, and we cannot oppose one project without considering the alternatives.

The fact that the runway may be lengthened does not conclude that it will be used to capacity.

I have access to four cars, I can drive only one at any time, and, normally will drive that which is most practical.

Alan Dadswell