OBVIOUSLY there were no music lovers at the Eurovision Song Contest.

I don’t think we can be accused of bad sportsmanship.

Why on Earth do we subsidise such a load of rubbish? The marking was on the wall.

I personally put Switzerland first, best of a bad lot.

But the huge populations of the Euro countries obviously voted for each other.

The Swiss being the smallest.

So much for singing songs - a rap side won it by public vote.

I can’t see their contribution making the hit parade in the UK.

The backing groups and the flashing scenery put paid to any chance of hearing the words.

It’s obviously not a song contest, we are never going to win it again, Brexit put the finishing touches for it.

Why support it, send our contribution to the starving of the world. Sitting bemused at the BBC idea of spoiling the evening for some, makes me seriously wonder, what are the young of this world coming to.

I don’t believe l heard Graham Norton all evening.

Still now the pubs are opening in the evening at least we can drown our ringing ears.

Alan Blandford