MY NAME is Tyrone and I’m a rapper / influencer. 

Growing up, I’ve always had such love for Southampton and been very passionate about just seeing the city do well, whether it’s the people in it, the team, etc. 

I grew up in Lordswood and when I was younger I wanted to be a footballer. 

So growing up, up to 16 I always wanted to be a footballer, then that changed. It didn’t work out. 

So then I ended up switching and wanted to do boxing and then later into my early 20s, I ended up wanting to do rap.

There’s loads of people in the city who have been an influence to me, to name a few people, obviously, Craig David, you’ve got the Artful Dodger. 

There’s loads of people that have done successful things in the city, big up to my sister as well, Verona Rose. She’s doing really good stuff as well. 

So there’s loads of inspirations and I think it’s now, there’s a new era of youth, coming through with the musical and creative talent, Southampton is a place of opportunity for young people! 

I feel Southampton is a city that’s waiting to be discovered, in terms of the talented young people that it’s got within it, the amazing venues and many other things. 

I feel it just needs the right opportunity, and something like the UK City of Culture, winning it will be the right thing to shine the right light and give the right investments that the city needs to take it to the next level. 

My dream is for Southampton to be known for its musical and creative talent and for people to be proud to be from Southampton and not have to move out of the city to accomplish their goals or dreams, and also for Southampton to be shown on the weather map.

Southampton-born Tyrone Gordon is part of the dance music group FooR, whose single Fresh Trim with Majestic and Dread MC featured on a 2020 advert for the beer Coors Light.

He is also one half of urban rap duo Tyrone x Warbz. 

Tyrone began his career as an MC in 2017, releasing his first dance record Ravin Face and has performed at festivals including Boomtown, Isle of Wight and Nass.

In early 2019, Tyrone made his debut as a solo artist. This year he teamed up with chart-topping stars Anne-Marie and DJ Nathan Dawe on a summer hit remix Way Too Long which was released last month.

The song went straight to the top of iTunes on the day it was released. He has more than 430,000 followers across his social media channels.