SOUTHAMPTON IS the UK City of Culture.

It deserves to be recognised as such and, in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before the whole country sees the promise, potential and possibilities in this diverse, culturally rich city.

That’s why we at Chaptr are right behind this bid. Like the city itself, we’re in it to win it.

I grew up, graduated and started my first business in Southampton, and I love the rich and diverse culture that reverberates through the city.

We want the new website for the 2025 bid to capture this energy and passion, and become the digital showcase this bid deserves I’m so proud to run an established web agency at the heart of Southampton with a unique proposition aimed at working with brands engaged in culture and the creative arts.

We’ve been pumping out engaging websites for almost a decade.

And we have future plans for the studio to become the creative hub of Southampton and strengthen our commitment to nurturing and supporting creative talent.

Chaptr is the perfect partner for Southampton 2025 Trust to design the most remarkable UK City of Culture website yet.

We’ve been inspired by the branding created by North Design for Southampton’s UK City of Culture bid.

Their iconic brand identity development galvanised us to create a website that we feel truly embodies the bid, as well as everything Southampton means to culture and the creative arts in the UK.

By Joe Perkins, managing director, Chaptr Studio