WORKING in partnership with the Southampton 2025 team as a delivery partner with the representatives of the 2025 bid team, we were excited and inspired by the city of Southampton and its significant connection to the worlds of trade and travel. 

It’s a city tied to global cultures both by its history and the diversity of communities that have made Southampton their home. 

This spirit connects residents through Southampton’s port and the importance of its coastal location, which directly inspired our graphic solution. 

SO, known locally as the shorthand for Southampton, inspired a powerful shorthand symbol and logo, SO25, to claim both the city and its bid for UK City of Culture 2025. 

The expression of SO25 is inspired by a maritime compass, navigating attention to Southampton, and nautical flags, recalling the specific forms of communication unique to life at sea. 

The colour is taken from the Southampton city crest – red, to evoke celebration and festivity. 

The identity is dynamic first and has movement embedded into its expression, referencing the innovation and technology of the city. 

The bid logo is a celebration of the city and its rich cultural heritage. 

SO25 will be the UK City of Culture 2025.

By Sean Perkins, director, North Design SO25 UK City of Culture Delivery Partner