SOUTHAMPTON residents are demanding action over “horrific” traffic “whizzing” through their neighbourhood.

Swaythling residents are scared to let their children walk in the street, according to resident Christine Maros.

The 52-year-old has lived in the Flowers Estate area since she was 17 and says the situation in Lobelia, Carnation and Honeysuckle Road is getting worse.

She has described Lobelia Road as absolutely deadly and warns it is only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident.

Christine, of Carnation Road, said: “We have had so many near misses.

“People are afraid to let their kids out. If you have any children, it is not easy.

“It’s absolutely horrendous. The amount of people that go far too fast.

“We have been complaining about it for years and years.”

Daily Echo: Christine MarosChristine Maros

The finance director has four daughters, three adults and one 11-year-old who walks to a nearby secondary school.

She is especially concerned for elderly residents and parents with young children and prams.

She said that commuters use Lobelia Road as a rat run between Basset Green Road and Burgess Road.

Furthermore, she says the problem is made worse by cars parked along the pavement meaning it is harder to cross and see oncoming traffic.

Christine added: “This is our neighbourhood and it’s up to us to protect those that live here.”

She is now calling for a 20mph speed limit, speed humps and crossings.

Lobelia Road resident, Sandra Ray, 47, added: “It’s horrific. If there’s a crash on the motorway people use it as a rat run.

“Nobody wants to give way. I saw a car speeding down at around 50mph and thought if a child walked out, they would have no chance. If I had little ones, I would be really worried. There is no crossing for kids.”

Daily Echo: Sandra Ray (left) and Christine Maros.Sandra Ray (left) and Christine Maros.

Speaking on the issue, Labour councillor for Swaythling, Lorna Fielker, said she supports lowering the speed limit to 20mph.

In a letter to the Echo, she said: “I have been working with the Transport Team to find funding for traffic calming on Lobelia Road where there is evidence that practically every car is speeding.”

The Echo is awaiting comment from the city council.