REGARDING Gareth Gammondale’s recent letter on the “horror and misfortune” of witnessing electric scooters in our city centre, I’d like to open the eyes of Mr Gammondale to their uses beyond ruffians stealing booze, fags and mags.

I am a 50-year-old veteran, and I have given more than 30 years of my life defending this country we call home.

Owing to my injuries incurred in the line of duty (hip fragments), I find it increasingly difficult to walk around our wonderful historic Southampton town centre – the thought of doing so would often keep me going during months away from home.

The three options Mr Gammondale posits as acceptable – vigorous or sustained walking, cycling or driving – are not available to me.

I am a proud and otherwise able man and I’m not ready for a wheelchair quite yet.

Thus I have found the electric scooters available for hire in the town centre an absolute godsend for quickly doing chores, visiting acquaintances or picking up bits from M&S, all without the traumatic pain in my hip (pelvis).

Am I a lout for serving two tours on the streets of Afghanistan?

Does Mr Gammondale consider me and my fellow veterans ruffians?

It wasn’t an ableist society I was defending on those hot and dusty streets, it was an inclusive one.

I say they are a welcome addition to our city and I would sincerely recommend this form of transport for all ages and abilities (caution when raining).