WHEN I read negatives about certain positions in the Southampton FC football team it doesn’t make sense.

Certain persons seem to be able to find fault with the team but forget about the injuries or the cards that players received.

Ralph Hassenhuttl has not had it easy since January. Players who have had injuries which have been taking some time to recuperate.

Now it’s the poor goalkeepers. Beforehand it was Ralph should be removed.

The defence has had to be changed on numerous occasions because of injuries. Why blame the goalkeeper when the defence has made mistakes.

Ralph has often stated that he requires new players especially in defence. The club doesn’t have the finances to acquire top players, they cost more than an arm and a leg.

I will repeat myself and say Saints have a very good manager who has done a lot of good in Germany.

Does anybody complain or compare with other teams in the Premier League?

A manager is able to train the team and set them up for a match, it is then the players on the pitch to play their best to win points.

Try to put yourselves in the position of a manager or a player, it’s not easy, I know – I was a manager in the lower leagues in Germany.

Let us support our club.

When the Saints go marching in!