WHEN, as long time Saints supporter, I got a letter from the impressively titled director of sales and stadium experience, informing me of a “new enhanced product called Kingsland Plus,” involving padded seating at an unbelievable price, I thought it was scam and rang the ticket office.

Full details have subsequently revealed that not only does the super-inflationary increase apply to my block alone but our age/disabled concessions are less generous as a percentage saving on the full price than in the rest of the ground.

The first could be regarded as exploitation, the second is discrimination.

In any case, there is already a perfectly acceptable pricing structure in place to charge more for a “popular position on the halfway line.”

This change is a cynical attempt to use us as a stalking horse in preparation for future unwanted “upgrades” in adjacent blocks and beyond.

How does fleecing the fans “make football at St Mary’s truly affordable for all?”

Loyalty is a two way process.

Perhaps the club would like to return my 2020-2021 refund, which I donated in full to the Saints Foundation.

Karen Barratt