A TOWN theatre has joined a national programme for dancers with Parkinson's.

The Point Eastleigh has joined the Danielle Teale’s Collective Identity (CID) project to bring together visual arts, dance, music and research with dancers with Parkinson’s.

The "pioneering" programme is aimed at helping people with Parkinson's to explore "identity, collectivity and compassion" and is being funded by Arts Council England.

Danielle Teale is an internationally recognised leader in the field, having worked with people with Parkinson’s for over 12 years.

The new project will be run with seven national partners including Eastleigh's Point theatre and Caz Creagh, Learning and Participation Manager at The Point, said that the team at the venue are "delighted" to be involved in the project.

“Being part of a network of other providers across England also enables us to strengthen the opportunities for people living with this condition, providing access to high quality experiences that offer a large number of physical, mental and social benefits.”

The project will begin online with a programme of virtual dance workshops before exploring one-to-one with dancers in their own homes and gardens, culminating in a series of live group workshops.

Councillor Tonia Craig, Cabinet member for Health and Social Policy at Eastleigh Borough Council, which owns the Point, said: "In addition to being a highly regarded regional performance venue, The Point makes a major contribution to the Council’s health and wellbeing agenda.

“Their work in opening up dance to local people with Parkinson’s is another inspiring example of their innovative approach to improving lives - and ensuring that a chronic condition needn’t be an obstacle to taking part in a fulfilling artistic programme.”