A SHORT while ago we celebrated our well-favoured Misselbrook Lane with its new tarmac, (respects again, to the late Alison Finlay), and the recently reinstated passing place.

It didn’t take long for “pond-life” to dump a whole load of rubbish in there last week.

It is so heart-breaking at a time when litter-picking is at the top of our agenda.

I thought the local talent had been recently dealt with, but severe penalties don’t work if we don’t catch them.

The “chancers” are still out there.

Our country is renowned for the proliferation of CCTV, so why don’t we put some up to catch these jokers.

Going for easy targets like heavily fining a man in town for dropping a cigarette end is small change to what we should be doing elsewhere.

Come on, councillors and the law, put some weight into it.

Keith Gulliford

North Baddesley