MY WIFE works for the NHS, she is frontline and has throughout the pandemic like many worked tirelessly on the wards face to face with this pandemic.

We all stood on the doorsteps and clapped them, supported them, thanked them.

Sadly this is where it ends, the council have introduced draconian parking permits around the hospital, making it impossible to park any near their place of work, remember the place of work where they nurse us back to health, fix us, save our lives.

The park and stride (where you walk in ) scheme at Sainsburys has been scrapped, forcing the staff to park around the hospital, which you can't due to permits.

Then what really grates on me, the NHS staffs' cars are being vandalised, blocked by the residents of the roads that they can actually park in.

Residents abusing NHS staff for parking on a road that they have paid their road tax to use.

So what's the answer?

A bus service fit for purpose, would be a start.

Maybe a decent park and ride scheme and not one so far removed that if you live in the Bitterne/Hedge End side of the water your commute is not 1.5 hours a day.

Maybe cycle, oh wait the cycle lanes have been scrapped, and let's be honest if you commute on a bike you run the risk of ending up in the hospital anyway.

Remember these are the people that have and still will risk their lives for us everyday, shame on you Southampton..... Shame on you.

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