I THINK as a nation we must take a long look at ourselves when we hear the news that ambulance staff are to be given bodycams owing to an upsurge in attacks on ambulance personnel.

Ambulance staff for God's sake, people whose only object is to help the sick and injured and save lives.

My family has had to call for an ambulance twice in recent months and one can only say that the ambulance staff who helped us were absolutely outstanding in the way they carried out their duties professionally and with compassion for the patient and family members.

Ambulance staff know when they go out to expect situations which can be dangerous and they accept this but I believe without good extenuating circumstances, if you are convicted of assaulting any on duty NHS worker, you must be given the harshest sentence prescribed by the law.

I would even go as far as to change the law, if we need harsher sentences to protect medical staff carrying out their duties, duties that every single one of us will need at some stage in our life

Paddy Maxwell