I READ with interest the letter from Mary Haverty about the idea of planting trees to celebrate the Queen's jubilee.

In principle it would be a lovely idea, but not in The Hundred.

I grew up in Romsey and still visit so know the town centre well.

The thought of planting trees in The Hundred makes me shudder at the waste.

Any tree planted there would have to be removed within 20 years as their roots could damage the historic buildings and the pavement.

I have seen too many 'architect lollypop' trees on new estates chopped down in housing estates when they outgrow their location.

The idea also seems a health and safety nightmare.

The trees themselves would be an obstruction in such a narrow road especially for people with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Falling leaves in the autumn are a slip hazard if it has rained.

If flowering trees are planted you can get the same problem with the blossom.

Unfortunately The Hundred is not a wide avenue where there would be room for such trees.

Perhaps an avenue or clump of trees could be planted in the Memorial Park or other open area instead.

Native trees would be the best choice as they would also benefit the local wildlife.

Janet Kearns