I’ve been in a quandary about how to address my email to you.

I’m not usually at a loss to express myself but I find my thoughts on this prominent subject difficult to process let alone voice.

We have been told and it’s been enforced upon us, hands face and space.

I’m afraid I’m repeating myself, space.

I know things are starting to be relaxed but please can somebody explain to me, why?

Why on the buses all the seats can be occupied.

Anybody, absolutely anybody, can sit next to anybody.

Space, distance. How can there be any space/distance between two people in a bus seat?

I truly understand how the loss of revenue for our bus companies

( also all other businesses ) must be such a headache,but surely we all need to be treading very carefully.

I personally don’t want to be sitting next to another person as yet, although I, my family and friends, have been vaccinated, not everyone has and I would like to be in this world of ours a little longer, be it wonderful or not.

Rant over. Thank you letters.

Jill Matthews