AN EMERGENCY motion has been put forward to call for road closures in a town centre to be maintained.

As previously reported, Eastleigh's High Street and Market Street have been closed to vehicles since June 2020 to allow for social distancing in the town centre.

The controversial decision was met with opposition when the Eastleigh Town Centre Action Group created a petition against the proposals.

Despite this however, the road closure has remained in place and was extended earlier this year.

Now though, an emergency motion has been put forward calling for the county council to delegate authority to the borough council to maintain the closures that are due to end in June when restrictions are eased.

The motion which will be discussed at a meeting of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee tomorrow reads: "I would like to propose an emergency motion calling on Hampshire County Council to support Eastleigh Borough Council by delegating authority to the Borough Council to introduce an Experimental Traffic Order to maintain the road closures and associated changes to support the economic recovery of the town."

According to the agenda notes for the meeting, Hampshire County Council has advised Eastleigh Borough Council that pop-up schemes which have been introduced to allow for social distancing should be lifted on June 21 if restrictions are eased as planned.