WHAT a surprise Paddy Maxwell has jumped on a bandwagon that has been running in all publications for months/years, Letters Tuesday.

I would think that there is not a decent citizen in the UK who does not hold the views expressed by Paddy.

If you are looking for a Bandwagon to jump on!

Why not try :

The tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by Boris and his Cabinet's dithering over PPE, ring fencing care homes, and of course failure to implement lockdowns earlier.

Tory voters hang your head in shame,

That the party led by Boris you land slided into Number 10 turned out to be so inept at handling the pandemic.

The pandemic enquiry when it comes (delayed for what reason Boris?) hopefully will show to the relatives, especially care home residents, that their death was avoidable.

And that their grief and sorrow came too soon.

David Player.