A SOUTHAMPTON woman last spotted on a boat in the Caribbean has now been missing for three months.

Sarm Heslop was last seen aboard a catamaran off the US Virgin Island of St John in March.

The 41-year-old had been living and working on Siren Song, owned and run by her American boyfriend, Ryan Bane.

She was reported missing in the early hours of Monday, March 8 with all of her belongings, including her phone, reportedly left aboard the vessel

A fundraiser, with a target of £10,000, was recently set up to offer reward money for information leading to an arrest of anyone responsible for her disappearance, travel expenses for Sarm’s parents and raising the profile of the #findsarm campaign.

A statement from the campaign organisers issued on Tuesday said: “Sarm has now been missing for three months and the lack of news or information is excruciating for her family and friends back home. We continue to do everything in our power to keep Sarm at the forefront of people’s minds but ultimately we just want to know what has happened to her. We cannot thank you enough for your previous efforts in support of Sarm’s investigation and we are incredibly grateful for anything further you can do.”

To contribute to the fundraiser, search #findsarm on the GoFundMe website.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Virgin Islands Police Department.