CALLS have been made for something to be done after areas of Southampton became overgrown.

Former city councillor, Lee Whitbread has spoken out after grassy spots of Millbrook and Redbridge became overgrown and started to “resemble a jungle”.

It is said that due to mechanical issues in recent months, as well as warm and wet weather causing the quick growth of the grass, this is why it has been difficult to maintain.

But now the former councillor has made calls for the Cabinet Member for the Environment and Millbrook ward councillor, Steven Galton to make sure these areas are kept up to acceptable standards.

Councillor Galton said however that he had already instigated a full review into how the spaces are managed.

Daily Echo: Overgrown area on Cromer Road, Redbridge. Photo by: Lee Whitbread.Overgrown area on Cromer Road, Redbridge. Photo by: Lee Whitbread.

Posting on Facebook, Lee Whitbread, said: “It’s fair to say that some the greens are beginning to resemble a jungle rather then a suburban neighbourhood!

“I would hope that the Tory Councillor in charge of maintaining open spaces would authorise extra resources to ensure our area is kept up to an acceptable standard.”

Redbridge ward councillor, Sally Spicer added: “I’m aware that a cut and collect vehicle was waiting on parts from abroad. This has now been resolved but has now put the grass cutting schedule behind.

“Last week a further breakdown issue occurred. The parks and open spaces really are working flat out to catch up.

“The cabinet member Steve Galton would be fully aware of these breakdowns and could immediately put measures in place to support the team.”

The grass in some areas is said to have outgrown fencing, resulting in them being “completely submerged”.

Daily Echo: Overgrown area on Honister Close, Millbrook. Photo by: Lee Whitbread.Overgrown area on Honister Close, Millbrook. Photo by: Lee Whitbread.

But councillor Galton said: “How ironic an ex Labour Councillor and current Labour Councillor complaining about the standards they have put in place for the previous 9 years.

“Like residents, over recent years I have regularly complained about the length of grass, especially on the West of the City and always been met by excuses from the Labour run Council.

“As the new cabinet member for Environment I have already instigated a full review into how these spaces are managed, and I will work to ensure the time and resources are put in to match the new Conservative run Council’s new and improved standards.”

“No excuses, just actions to get a better Southampton for us all.”