HOW I agree with the traders of Market Street and High Street wanting the roads re-opened to traffic.

Eastleigh Borough Council have not given any consideration to the elderly or disabled citizens who used to shop in Eastleigh.

Living in Fair Oak for 41 years, I shopped in Eastleigh weekly for 40 years.

The last time I was able to do so was March 2020, just before the first lockdown.

Eastleigh then closed the two roads to traffic.

Being elderly and unable to walk far without pain, and having a blue badge for that reason, I have been unable to get into Eastleigh.

Not only am I barred from shopping, but from other facilities.

I brought my 94-year-old husband into Eastleigh for treatment recently.

His appointment was late morning, and we decided to have lunch out.

I drove to Marks and Spencers to be told the restaurant had not reopened, but there were plenty of eateries in Eastleigh.

I could not make her understand, we could not reach any of them.

We had lunch at home.

H E Price

Fair Oak