TWO government ministers (Matt Hancock and Michael Gove) have now been found to have broken the law and the result is…zero resignations.

It raises the question: What's the end point for a country ruled by a Government that has become indifferent to breaches of the rule of law?

I don’t understand why people seem to be going along with it and even accepting that this is okay.

Most of us comply with the law or we must face the consequences.

Looking at the crime stats and anti-social behaviour breakdown/trends for the Romsey area, I noticed that in April alone it reached a record high since August 2011.

I’m sure people are appalled by this picture, but I’d also say they should be equally horrified that senior government ministers are breaking the law and getting away with it.

There will come a time when more people want to know why inexplicable loyalty is enabling such things to happen.

I hope our MP and other supporters of this government will not allow our country’s reputation to be damaged even further.

History will not be kind.

Sally Yalden