THANK YOU for publishing an article to do with Lord Palmerston (Henry john Temple), and his local connection with Broadlands etc.

In that for many, many years, I have tried to remind readers that, way back when, it was the Tory v Whig political parties that ran our country.

Tories became Conservatives and the Whigs, Liberals.

It was the Liberals who were then, the reformers. Until, the trade unions created the Labour Party, and stole their ground.

In Lymington, is another example.

The Burrards of Walhampton, were a split family in that, on one hand some were Tory/Conservatives and on the other, Whig/Liberals.

With whom, I am related through my family tree. (via the Rooke's).

Does the Whig/Liberal connection ever get given much publicity locally? No.

Do the Tory/Conservatives like to hog all the credit? Yes.

Have Labour ever had much of an impact here in the New Forest? No, not really.

Where are we at the moment?

Outside of the European Union, and with a United Kingdom which appears to be is falling part, under a Conservative Government.

With the general public being told the only opposition is a Labour Party.

Any yet history shows, it ought to be a Liberal Party.

Today better known, as the Liberal Democrats, as the old original Liberal Party hardly exists.

Richard F. Grant