SOUTHAMPTON is set to sizzle with the hottest day or the year so far.

As well as the hottest weekend of the year, the city is due to scorch with the hottest day on Monday, the Met Office has claimed.

Temperatures are expected to hit between 25C and 26C on June 14, hotter than both Sunday and Saturday where 24C is predicted.

Temperatures will hit around 21C at 10am and will climb throughout the day with highs of 26C between 1pm and 4pm.

Residents will be in for an uncomfortable night with 21C predicted for most of the evening, dropping to 19C at around 11pm.

With the hot weather comes high UV levels so suncream is advised for all those out and about in the sun to avoid damaging your skin.

Hydration will also be important for anyone venturing out into the heat.