TODAY I received a letter from Balfour Beatty advising me about yet more extensive road works on the Avenue.

What shall I say? Balfour Beatty do a good job of fulfilling the tasks given them by Southampton city officials and local politicians, but when I read of what is planned I do question priorities.

The improvements to the junctions on the Avenue will achieve some modest advantage for pedestrians and cyclists (I cycle the area every day) but when I consider the money cost and the disruption to traffic and the smooth running of city business, I do wonder about the wisdom of such grand designs.

I read elsewhere that the “new administration” of the city is looking carefully at inherited plans.

Please do look carefully.

Many of the city road surfaces are in such poor condition they turn modern well specified bicycles into old boneshakers; and the poorly maintained pavements are a trip hazard, especially for the elderly.

What shall I say in four words, five if I include a please? Fill the potholes first!

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