IT IS extremely disappointing that the Conservative party and its MPs do not understand the England football team.

We have a dedicated bunch of young football players who are at the peak of their career and have the privilege and the pressure to represent their country.

They have taken the decision as a team to highlight the inequality issues that plague our society at the start of every match by taking the knee.

Sadly some of our so called England fans and conservative politicians take a deplorable approach of booing or insulting this action.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel tells us it is gesture politics and we have other Conservative MPs who have also attacked this action.

I believe that England fans should clap and applaud this honourable action and our politicians should be doing much more to make sure we live in a fair and equitable society and make rules to ensure this happens.

The football authorities need to ensure that their governing bodies and referees are represented by people of all classes and cultures. This is just one action that could happen immediately.

We need our MPs and government to make sure that there are proper equalities in all walks of life.

By criticising or being disloyal to our devoted England football players, this government demonstrates that Theresa May, former Prime Minister's statement that the Conservative party is the nasty party is starting to ring true and they are not the right political party to vote for or run our diverse society at city and government levels.

I hope that with proper support through the European football competition our players will realise that we back them not just as a team, but also acknowledge the things that affect their day-to-day lives.

So when you are watching future European football matches, back the team and understand that taking the knee is their way of asking us to recognise their cause.

Paul Kenny