THE long-standing landlady of a popular New Forest pub has banned children altogether after an incident with 'rowdy' and 'badly behaved' youngsters at the weekend.

Mop Draper, who has been at the helm of The Compass Inn in Winsor for the past 26 years, says she was forced into the decision because of a 'family with no respect' who dined in the pub yesterday.

The dog friendly and 100 per cent gluten free pub hit the headlines last year when the proprietor said children under 12 were no longer welcome, except on Sundays.

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But now even that invitation has been reversed following yesterday's chaotic lunch sitting.

Mop posted on the pub's social media account that no further family bookings involving young children would be taken.

She said: "We have yet again experienced a family with no respect for other diners as their children were so badly behaved. When we take bookings we have no idea if children are going to behave in an adult environment. We had complaints about the rowdy children, had to move people to a quieter area, apologise for them and the staff had to put up with the backlash this family created.

Daily Echo:

"All bookings we have already taken with children on a Sunday we will honour, but as from today we will not be taking any further bookings for children on a Sunday. It’s a shame that I have had to make this decision but we are ultimately an adult only pub but some families disregard this fact that we expect their children to behave which unfortunately is not always the case."