TODAY is worldwide UFO day, and to mark the occasion we look back at previous sightings in the county.

Top-secret records detailing almost a decade of UFO sightings in Hampshire were made public by the Ministry of Defence.

The X-Files, published in response to a Freedom of Information request, show the MoD logged 56 reports of unidentified flying objects in the county between 1998 and 2006.

Those reports can be seen in the video above.

Sightings in the county aren't a new thing, but only since the advent of camera phones has it become easy for spotters to get a quick snap.

The following are accounts of sightings, details and photographic 'evidence.'

Each of them could be a case for Mulder and Scully!



Daily Echo: AIRBORNE MYSTERY: The UFO seen through the trees.

This photo was taken by an astonished onlooker who asked not to be named for fear of being ridiculed.

The person, who was with his family in Ipley at the time, spotted the mysterious object circling above trees in the New Forest in broad daylight.

He told the Daily Echo how he snapped the picture moments before the strange contraption vanished into thin air.

Daily Echo: The full image

He said: "It was spinning slowly and moving in a straight line. It was not travelling fast at all.

"The whole thing cannot have lasted more than about 20 seconds. I got a quick photo with my digital camera but by the time I had rushed to a clearing for a better look, it had gone.

"If it was a spaceship, then we wondered whether the flash had gone off on the camera and they had seen it."

The UFO, he said, was about 25ft to 30ft across with a dull grey or silver body and "shiny pieces" attached to the underside.

He added: "I really have no idea what it could have been. We got a good look at it through the trees, but it all happened so quickly.

"There may well be a logical explanation for this, but I don't know what it is."



Daily Echo: MYSTERY OBJECT: The picture taken by Loiza Loizou at Weston Shore.

University of Southampton student Loiza Loizou received a shock after searching through photographs she had taken of the night sky over Weston Shore.

Her brother, Yiannkai, said: "She had no idea an object was in front of her but it was clearly visible in the photo when the flash illuminated it, as can be seen from zooming in on the object and noticing the glass reflecting the light," he said.



Daily Echo: SIGHTINGS: A black flying object over Western Docks.

A silent, spinning black triangle was seen flying above Southampton three times - over Millbrook, Shirley and the Western Docks.

A video was captured on a mobile phone by a passenger travelling in a car under the Millbrook flyover.

The footage caused a buzz among UFO enthusiasts from across the country who described it as the best they had seen for some time.

An investigation was even launched by Southampton Airport after a worried member of the public alerted bosses.

Following a report published in the Daily Echo, more people came forward with footage.

Daily Echo:

It was believed that the object seen was a solar balloon.

The mini-hot air balloon can be made with just four black bin bags, sticky tape, scissors and a hairdryer.

Mix those ingredients with a warm, sunny day and you have a black triangular balloon which can easily be mistaken for a UFO.



Daily Echo:

A UFO enthusiast claimed he had proof that an alien craft has flown over Hampshire.

Kenneth Parsons said he photographed this image of a disc-shaped phenomenon on the outskirts of Winchester.

He was convinced the mystery object proves the existence of other intelligent life in the universe.

Kenneth captured the mysterious image while taking photographs close to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

But he only spotted it after loading images on to his computer and said: “I first thought it was an insect close to the lens of my camera, or maybe a bird.

“But after enlargement I realised it was a discshaped aerial object about a mile out.

“I zoomed in on it and I’m no expert on wildlife, but I swear I have never seen a bug, bird or spec of dust like this before.”



Daily Echo:

A bizarre video captured a beam of light dancing in Southampton's sky.

A Southampton man captured footage of an unidentified object hovering over Harefield.

The 49-year-old, who wished to remain annonymous, had been at a barbecue with friends when he saw a strange light dancing in the sky on West End Road.

He said: "[I saw a] type of mist which turned into what looked like a more solid object.

"It moved strangely, I had a BBQ with friends that night so I was a bit drunk, if I had not taken photos and the film I would have just passed it by.

"No one was with me when I saw this.

"The mist caught my eye as it was moving in all directions, I have seen the International Space Station many times and it was clear that this was something else.

"I am not saying little green men and spaceships, but when I down loaded the photos on my computer it was clear that this was something strange, as it morphed into this solid object."

It is still not know what the object in the sky was.