A HAMPSHIRE pub is inviting its customers to take on the challenge of eating its roast sharer sandwich in record time.

The Travellers Rest at Hart Hill in Hythe will be serving its sharer sandwich today for the first time since before lockdown and now residents are being invited to see if they can finish the entire meal, by themselves, in a record time.

The sandwich which is being sold for £20 consists of a roast meat of the customers choice, pork, beef or chicken which comes inside a baguette with roast potatoes, pork scratchings and gravy.

The record for the quickest it has been consumed was set on March 27, 2018 with it being eaten in 27 minutes and 57 seconds.

Now though, the pub is challenging residents to beat the time, with the offer of being refunded the cost of the sandwich if they are able to beat it.

Daily Echo: The Travellers Rest in Hythe - Ryan Owen pictured behind the bar.The Travellers Rest in Hythe - Ryan Owen pictured behind the bar.

Owner, Ryan Owen explained that the challenge came about when some customers said they could eat the meal, which is usually served as a sharer, by themselves.

He said: "It was just a couple of locals that said 'I could eat that by myself' so I said if they eat it by themselves and finish it in under 30 minutes, I'll give it to you for nothing and it just built from there really.

"There's been about 20 people take on the challenge. It stopped for a while because of lockdown but it's back now and we'll see."

The meal, which is only sold on Sunday's has to be pre-ordered so that the pub can make sure it has all the necessary ingredients and is thought to be the only eating challenge in the area.