POLICE have issued a warning after "60 to 70" vehicles were seen gathered and driving dangerously in Totton.

The incident happened in Calmore Industrial Estate and follows weeks of reports of bad driving in the area.

An officer said police have already spoken to some of the people involved, but on Sunday evening there were "at least 60 to 70 vehicles gathered and driving dangerously".

One resident wrote: "Been going on for months now - sort the little boy racers out please."

On social media the officer wrote: "One driver thought he was really impressive and decided to do donuts around a parked vehicle, with bystanders stood near watching.

"Wouldn’t be impressive if you lost control of your car and injured someone, would it?

"One driver thought it would be clever to stand in front of one of our police cars, preventing him from driving forward and doing his job.

"So to be clear: we do not condone dangerous driving here in Totton.

"Not only are you affecting the local community with your nuisance but you were obstructing a police officer from doing his job, which is a criminal offence.

"We are in the process of securing CCTV and other lines of enquiry."