CLUB staff in Eastleigh have been threatened with "random assaults" and "financial ruin" after cancelling a comedian.

On Monday, The Concorde Club announced that it is cancelling Andrew Lawrence's appearance next January due to racist abuse tweeted at the England football team following Sunday nights EURO 2020 final.

Now though, staff at the club say they have been subjected to abuse "of the most evil kind" after receiving a string of threatening emails sent to them following the announcement.

In the message, which the club shared on its Facebook page, staff were told they would be "assaulted randomly", "grabbed and stabbed" and even told that family members would be targeted.

As well as this, the email stated that dye would be thrown around the venue, fires would be started and complaints will be made about the quality of food until the club is "financially ruined".

Sharing the abusive email with Facebook followers, a spokesperson for the club wrote: "Sometimes I despair at some people in the world and today is another day of this. Further to our difficulties yesterday with having to cancel a comedian date due to his tweets, our staff have now been subjected to threats of the most evil kind.

"It has left some of our staff shaken. We have notified the police and so hope that they will be able to trace this low life.

"We have tried during this whole pandemic to put on as much entertainment to give entertainment starved customers a smile on their faces during these difficult times. The last few days make this job so much harder but as ever we will keep on going.

"I wasn't sure whether to post this email but the pure hatred and disgusting nature of it told me to share it and to try and trace this animal."

The Daily Echo has contacted Hampshire Police for comment.