A MAN who racially abused shop staff in Southampton has been ordered to attended an awareness course, police say.

The incident happened at around 1.50pm on May 5 after the man entered an unnamed store and racially abused a member of staff when he was paying for items at the till.

After admitting the offence, he was issued with a community resolution order with a condition to attend a hate crime awareness course.

No other action has been taken against the 58-year-old from Basingstoke. Police have also not released any further details about him.


They added that when he was questioned by officers he "showed remorse" for his actions.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: "Community Resolutions (CR) are a justice pathway primarily for offences committed by first time adults or children.

"By encouraging offenders to face up to the impact of their behaviour and make good any harm caused, the likelihood of reoffending can be reduced and this can change people's behaviour in the future.

"Victims are consulted and this allows them to have a say in how offenders can put right the harm done."

The added: "People should be able to live their lives free of harassment and fear and we will not tolerate any form of hate crime in Southampton.

"Any crime carried out through ignorance, prejudice or hate is unacceptable and we encourage anyone who suffers hate crime, or receives a serious threat against them to report it to the police by calling us on 101 or through the True Vision website at www.report-it.org.uk.

"You can even report through one of the many Third Party Reporting Centres we have in Southampton. These centres give people, who may not want to speak to the police, the opportunity to report incidents of hate crime and/or seek support."