SOUTHAMPTON North's MP has questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he promised to "build [the country] back in a more feminine way".

The Prime Minister made the comments during the G7 summit held last month.

But, at a recent committee meeting, Mrs Nokes asked Mr Johnson to “point to a single policy that will help to do this”.

As reported nationally, Mr Johnson shot back saying: “I am getting the feeling you would find fault with anything and everything we did, with the greatest respect to you.”

In response, Mrs Nokes told the Echo: “At the G7 summit the PM gave a speech in which he indicated he wanted us to rebuild from the pandemic in a more “gender neutral and feminine way”, which is what I was asking him about last week.

“What does that mean? What policies or initiatives are Government ministers working on to do as he indicated?

“Unfortunately, the Prime Minister did not appear to have any examples at all of policies that could help us to recover from the pandemic in a way which helped women. He did point to Gender Pay Gap reporting, which was in fact introduced in 2017, long before the pandemic and is not really evidence of something that is helping the country recover.

“As a member of the Liaison Committee and a Select Committee Chair it is my duty to hold Ministers to account for their policies, including the Prime Minister, as Bernard Jenkin indicated immediately after that comment from the PM.”

Gender Equality was a discussion for the G7 summit as it is reported that violence against women has soared since the start of the pandemic.

The government also state that women and girls are more likely to experience famine and will rely upon humanitarian aid to reduce the gap in gender equality.