OVER 90 patients at University Hospital Southampton benefitted as a result of an organ donation in the past year putting the trust among the UK’s top performers.

Figures released by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) show that 33 patients have donated over 90 organs with the support of their families and clinicians at University Hospital Southampton in the last year.

This makes the trust the third highest performing centre in the country despite the challenges of the pandemic.

This comes after NHSBT’s annual Transplant Activity Report also revealed a steady increase in support for organ donations across the UK.

The report shows 69 per cent of families gave consent when asked about organ donation, however, total organ donation decreased due to the impact of the pandemic on services.

Despite this, 1,180 people in the UK donated their organs after they died, saving or improving the lives of 3,391 recipients and giving hope to thousands on the waiting list.

Rachel Clare, specialist nurse – organ donation at University Hospital Southampton said: “Thanks to the unwavering support of the staff here at UHS and, above all, the generosity of patients and their families, last year 33 patients were able to give the gift of organ donation.

“UHS is proud to have the third highest number of donations in the whole of the UK during 2020/21 and we are so grateful to all those who have made the decision to give the gift of life to others.”

The law around organ donation changed to an opt out system in May last year and it is hoped public support will continue to build.

Adults covered by the change still have a choice and families are still involved in discussions before donations go ahead.

Now another specialist nurse in organ donation at the hospital, David Thomson, has said: “Please tell your family that you want to support donation.

“Letting your family know that you want to save lives will make it much easier if there comes a time when organ donation is a possibility.”