A PETITION has been launched against plans to close all Disney stores across the country apart from one.

Disney has announced that it will close all its UK stores except for its flagship shop in Oxford Street and go fully online by September 2021.

But now, after seeing that the store at the Marlands Centre in Southampton had closed its doors, Sam Cummins decided to take a stand against the decision.

He has now launched a petition against the plans to try and keep Disney stores open across the UK.

Sam said: "Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near the Oxford store and the UK doesn't have its own Disney Park. The closest being Disney Land Paris.

"These stores are our gateway to the magical world of Disney. It allows the people of the UK to experience the Disney magic first hand!

"We can't let these magical places disappear. It would be a crime not only to ourselves but to all the children who can't experience this magic."

Currently there are 445 signatures on the petition after it was set up last Wednesday and now Sam is trying to reach as many people as he can.