THE ground-breaking innovation project to install a private 5G network across the port of Southampton is making "excellent" progress with coverage after the work started at the end of June.

The high speed 5G connectivity infrastructure will support ABP’s new Terminal Operating System, enabling faster processing of goods over the quay and facilitating the necessary recording of European Union goods coming through the port through the use of mobile readers.

The system will reduce the time taken to manage EU goods through the port, remove the need to maintain offline data and provide real time information to key stakeholders.

Cunard cruises from Southampton for 2021 and 2022

In total almost 3.5km of new ducts have been established within the Port and 7km of new fibre.

Alastair Welch, ABP’s Regional Director for Southampton, said: “This is a significant project for Southampton and the first private 5G network in the UK.

“We will be able to provide an improved real time service for our customers and fulfil new HMRC inventory linking requirements.

“As we look to the future and the opportunities created by the Solent Freeport initiative, we will be seeking to expand the services we can offer to our existing and new potential customers.”