UNIVERSITY students have created a series of films to show how the NHS has contributed to the wellbeing of Southampton.

Students from Solent University have collaborated with the Southampton City Archives and the organisations, Keep Our NHS Public, to create their series of films titled, NHS Southampton: On Film.

The series is aimed at capturing how the NHS has benefitted the people of Southampton and includes eight short films in total.

The films focus on local stories including: a Wind Rush nurse, a midwife's tale, the story of a consultant who travelled from India to work for the NHS, and a revelatory story about the history of the Southampton Workhouses.

Senior Lecturer in TV Production at Solent University, Kate O’Driscoll said: “This is an excellent example of research-led, real-world learning.

"The students had access to the City archives to source material, as well using other national archive data bases like the Wellcome Trust.

"Each production team built a strong relationship with the contributor they were working with, as a result the films are intimate and personal accounts of how the NHS has benefitted so many.”

This "fascinating" record of the NHS in Southampton is now due to become part of a new City Archives collection.

TV Production student Melissa Lacey, 22, said: “We wanted to create a video celebrating the amazing work that staff within the blood donation centre do!

"It often ends up we as public being praised for donating blood, however little appreciation goes to the people behind the scenes who support people in their donation and make them feels comfortable enough to do it again. Being able to showcase this within the project was important.

"Although we want to celebrate the work the staff and nurses do we also wanted to show people how easy the whole process is, hopefully encouraging a few more people to go and donate blood.”