VILLAGES in Hampshire have seen some of the biggest increases in average asking prices over the last year.

Data from UK property website, Rightmove has shown that Hamble and Milford On Sea have seen two of the highest increases in average asking price for houses.

In June 2020, the average asking price in Hamble was £387,439, but one year later, that had increased by 10 per cent to £427,705.

Milford On Sea also saw a 10 per cent increase as its average asking price went from being £556,711 to £613,116 in the same period.

Hamble and Milford were ranked sixth and eighth respectively across the country for the highest increase and now Rightmove’s director of property data, Tim Bannister says this is due to people wanting to live by the sea.

He said: “This data shows continued demand from buyers looking for villages and rural locations outside of traditional major cities.

“With the summer weather finally here, we’re seeing an added drive from buyers looking for that perfect village location by the sea.”

Six of the top ten villages with the biggest year-on-year price growth in June were located near the coast and the owner of Hamble Estate Agency and Lettings, Vicky Siou said a lot of the people moving into the area are coming from inland.

“We’ve had loads of people coming out of the city, a lot from Hertfordshire and from Surrey. They’re thinking, ‘if we can work from home, why are we working inland?’

“I think it is the coast that is luring people because everyone seems to want to be on the water. People aren’t going to be going back to the office so I think we’re going to continue to be busy.”

Cllr Keith House, who represents Hamble on Hampshire County Council added: “Rising house prices are great for homeowners but bad news for those desperate to get on the housing ladder.

“Hamble is the wrong place for building due to its poor access but this underlines why it matters that enough homes are built across the wider area.And even more why Eastleigh’s 1000 affordable homes for rent over the last three years have helped make a difference.”