A HAMPSHIRE festival has been "let down" by a provider as heavy rain caused last minute changes.

Wickham Festival announced on Facebook at around 3am this morning that the festival would continue, but said they had been "badly let down" by the provider of the stage, who "failed to deliver a safe and structurally sound stage as yesterday's weather showed".

As previously reported, the festival was lashed by heavy rain and performers were unable to use the main stage for the opening night of the festival yesterday.

The four-day event takes place every August on land off Blind Lane in Wickham.

This year's lineup includes star names including Van Morrison and the Waterboys.

In a statement, organiser said: "We're very sorry about the rain and mud last night but pleased that so many of you still enjoyed some fantastic live music.

"We're working our socks off to improve the ground conditions for the rest of the weekend. We do have a problem with the main stage though as we have been badly let-down by the supplier who has failed to deliver the right size stage within the agreed timescale and who has also failed to deliver a safe and structurally sound stage as yesterday's weather showed.

"We will let you know this morning whether the stage can be made safe to use - we have an independent engineer attending to assess it.

"Please be assured the Festival will continue - the Big Top Stage is absolutely fine and we are installing big TV screens so people outside the tent can see the stage clearly.

"Festivals do suffer from bad weather - look at Glastonbury - but after 18 months of almost no live music we are determined to give you the best weekend possible even if it is not quite what you and we would like.

"Please bear with us. We're doing our best and will keep you informed of developments."