After all of the hard work it took to put on the Friday of Wickham Festival, organisers must have felt like punch drunk boxers as they listened to the monsoon rains coming down in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Once again they picked themselves up and rallied to make sure the Saturday could go ahead.

Updates on social media made it clear that the designated car park was pretty much unusable unless you were willing to be towed on and off by tractor and that the festival site was pretty wet and muddy so wellies were the order of the day.


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Not feeling as brave as most I decided to arrive a little later once I had taken their advice and sorted out wellies and warmer clothing.

When I did arrive the rain had long gone but had left behind the promised mud and sodden straw.

Still, once again the day had been saved and we could look forward to the music and entertainment.

A large portion of the crowd had claimed their spot either inside or just out side of the big top stage that would later host both Van Morrison and Deacon Blue.

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I decided to take a wander and have a listen to some of the music on the smaller stages in a couple of the tents.

I caught a good set by Beau Curtis and his band and after a lovely cup of tea I eventually made my way back to the Big top stage to catch Van Morrisons set.

Having seen him a number of times I can say that he always puts on a crowd pleasing set, it would just be nice to see a bit more of him when he is on stage.

From where I was standing he was partially hidden by a stand that I assume had his words on.

Next up and my final act of the Saturday were Deacon Blue who were one of the two bands I was most looking forward to over the festival (the other being Tankus The Henge who are absolutely immense).

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I am pleased to say that they lived up to all of my expectations as they played all of the hits and some great newer songs that should become staples of their live set from now on.

So that was the end of the Saturday and I headed home to write this whilst my boots dry off in time for the final day which promises some more great music including Beans on Toast, The South And Lindersfarne.

Should be a great day if that pesky weather holds off.