SOUTHAMPTON’s nationally renowned contemporary male youth dance company FuzzyLogic present their energetic new show The Doorman at MAST Mayflower Studios for just one night on Saturday August 21.

Ten hopeful strangers, each with their own unique story to tell, arrive at a mysterious Door, guarded by The Doorman. The door will only open for those who prove worthy. As each tells their own story, the hopefuls try to discover the secret of the Door.

The FuzzyLogic lads – who continued dancing together online throughout the lockdowns of the past 18 months- have come together to create a show that will thrill with its highly original blend of energetic contact work and exciting, engaging storytelling.

The evening will also feature a celebration of the coming of age of FuzzyLogic as a company, in what is their 21st birthday year. Bonus activity to the main event includes a live Q&A with the dancers and Founder/Artistic Director Zoie Golding, and a short film screening of FuzzyLogic’s innovative dance film Grab.

Tickets are on sale now.