CAMPAIGNERS are fighting plans to build 100 homes on farmland next to a Hampshire road that often floods after heavy rain.

Wyatt Homes has submitted an application to redevelop a large rectangular site south of Derritt Lane, Bransgore, which has seen several floods in recent years.

The scheme includes seven hectares of public open space and 18 homes that will be classed as affordable.

But the application has sparked several letters of objection from people living in the Bransgore area.

Critics are angry at the potential loss of farmland used to grow crops. They also claim the provision of 100 new homes in the village will increase the risk of flooding.

One of the people who has written to New Forest District Council is June Richards, of Cranwell Close, Bransgore.

She says: “I object totally to these houses being built in Bransgore on what is, if not a flood plain, then extremely close to it.

“It is well known we have flooding problems in the area every year and also that the pumping station is not sufficient for the amount of housing already in situ.”

Helen Jenkins, of Brookside Road, Bransgore, adds: “I appreciate there is a need for housing but do not think putting houses in a field next to a road that is impassable numerous times a year due to flooding is sensible.”

Michael Connolly, of Burley Road, Winkton, says significant development has already occurred in the area.

He cites the “huge increase” in traffic that has taken place, adding: “The roads already flood and further development will increase this risk.”

Referring to previous decisions affecting the area fellow objector Marina Newman, of Oaktree Parade, Bransgore, says: “Please do not ruin our lovely village anymore.”

However, the land is earmarked for residential development in the council’s Local Plan.

Hailing what it describes as an opportunity to create a high quality neighbourhood, the planning application says: “The principle of development on the site is firmly established.”

The application also outlines measures that will be taken to tackle flooding issues in the area.

It says the proposed new homes will be safe from flooding throughout their lifetime, adding: “The development can be undertaken in a sustainable manner whilst also reducing the flood risk to existing properties.”

Plans to redevelop the site were unveiled earlier this year.

Speaking at the time a Wyatt Homes spokesman said the homes would be built on land at low risk from flooding from sources such as Clockhouse Stream, which runs along the southern boundary of the site.

The spokesman added: "Areas at risk of surface water flooding have been identified from Derritt Lane to the north of the site.

"Appropriate corridors will therefore be included within the development to ensure these potential flows can be safely conveyed across the site to the stream."

The spokesperson said run-off water generated by the homes would be dealt with by installing drainage systems known as SUDs, which used basins and ponds.

He said the plan also included measures to cope with another problem in the area - foul-water sewage flooding.