RESIDENTS of a block of flats in Southampton have spoken out after claiming years of suffering from repeated bed bug problems.

Those who live in Ventnor Court in Swaythling said they have been blighted by the insect issue for up to three years.

Now some have said they are angry as they are being asked to pay the bill for cleaning and treating their flats, claiming the issue is not with their homes.

The complex which includes two separate buildings is run by Southampton City Council and one resident, Silvia Colwill said she has refused to pay the money each time because the bugs are coming from other people’s homes.

The council confirmed they were aware of the 'ongoing issues'.

The 74-year-old said: “I’ve had to replace my bed two times, my sofa three times, I’ve had different flooring laid but they come back.

“Every three months they’re back and the council don’t seem to worry about it at all.

“Everybody whose affected is supposed to pay to have them treated, but why should they? I’ve had two bills for about £260 each. I’ve refused.

“I’m spending enough on replacing my furniture and floor all the time and its costing me a fortune.”

Silvia has been living in her flat for almost six years and said it was “a lovely place to live” when she first moved in, but now describes it as “hell”.

She has asked to move in the past but claimed the council refuse to move her as she is “adequately housed”.

Now residents are expecting their homes to be treated to eradicate the bed bugs again, but say they have been waiting almost a month.

Bed bugs feed on the blood of animals or humans and cling to with the most common cause is said to be travel with them clinging to people, clothes or belongings.

Daily Echo: Ventnor Court. Photo from: Google Maps.Ventnor Court. Photo from: Google Maps.

Leader of the council, Cllr Daniel Fitzhenry said: “We are aware of ongoing issues at Ventnor Court and have been working jointly with the pest control team to address these.

“Surveys have taken place in the affected properties and treatments carried out where necessary.

“We have also been working with appropriate agencies to provide extra support to tenants.

“Tenants are asked to pay for treatments where appropriate but this is assessed on a case by case basis and consideration is given to tenants’ individual circumstances and the causes related to any infestation problems.”