"Yawn and stretch and try to come to life." After the 18 months we've all had, the lyrics to the classic Dolly Parton number are all too familiar.

But if you're finding yourself in need of a little pick-me-up, get yourself a ticket for 9-5 the Musical, currently playing at The Mayflower in Southampton.

This feel-good show kicked off its UK tour on Tuesday evening, to a hugely appreciative crowd.

Set in the 1980s, the production is based on the iconic film of the same name, for which the Queen of Country herself wrote the Oscar-nominated score, and tells the tale of three workmates pushed to boiling point by the sexist boss.

Daily Echo:

The tongue-in-cheek story of kidnapping and girl power may have originally been written several decades ago, but the themes running through it – namely equality, standing up for your rights and female empowerment – mean it remains hugely relevant today.

Louise Redknapp, who personally thanked the audience for their commitment and patience in helping to bring the arts back to life, showed true star quality as Violet, while Vivian Panka as Judy and Stephanie Chandos as Doralee were equally at home on stage. Julia J Nagle as Roz and Sean Needham as Franklin offered perfect comic relief as the ladies' arrogant sexist boss and his adoring assistant.

The show comes to local stages direct from London's West End and, with its lighthearted storyline, upbeat numbers, slick set changes and 80s-themed, brightly coloured costumes, there's simply nothing not to like about 9-5.

So stumble outta bed and get yourself down to The Mayflower for a dose of feel-good fun.

9-5 the Musical runs until September 4.