SOUTHAMPTON City Council is proudly hosting a stop on the Zero Carbon Tour on Friday, September 3, at MAST.

The Zero Carbon Tour is a series of events showcasing the amazing efforts being undertaken – both locally and globally – to aid in the transition to a net zero carbon economy. 
Together with the Planet Mark community, we hope to inspire more businesses, highlighting that with enough ambition and active collaboration we can solve one of the most pressing challenges we face as a generation. As SME's represent 99 per cent of all UK limited companies, the impact these businesses can have through their own direct impact and the way they can inspire others is significant. 

 Reducing carbon means reducing energy and consumption, finding efficiencies that save money and add to your bottom line. Businesses with strong sustainability policies have higher staff retention rates than those that don’t, and the next generation of talent increasingly cares about the social and environmental impact of their employer. 
For further details or to book to attend, see here.