CALLS are being made to slow down speeding traffic on one Southampton road as residents speak out over safety fears.

Those who live on Botley Road in Sholing have share their experiences and concerns with the speed of road users.

They have told of a number of accidents on the road and have described the stretch as "too dangerous".

They have been backed by one local councillor who is calling for the installation of chicanes - an added curve in the road to slow traffic.

One resident, who has asked not to be named, told the Daily Echo: "This stretch of road encourages drivers to drive to fast.

"Just over the past weeks there have been two accidents - one car smashing through a neighbour's wall and a motorbike accident outside my house hitting a BT pole and a exhaust pipe flying through the air, which broke the top of the fence and hit my bungalow smashing the guttering down pipe.

"This worried me so much as I was about to walk my dog and about to walk out the door.

"This road needs to be sorted, it's too dangerous. It worries me to walk on the footpath to take my granddaughter home as the traffic is going too fast."

Another resident said: "[The road] can be really dangerous, especially at night when it's a little quieter because people speed much more.

"It's a serious accident waiting to happen and something needs to be done."

Councillor for Bitterne Ward Terry Streets said that he believes there is an issue on Botley Road with speeding vehicles and "repeated property damage".

He said: "I have received emails from concerned residents calling for the council to introduce speed reduction measures to slow the traffic along Botley Road.

"Whilst the installation of a vehicle activated speed sign was a welcomed measure to Botley Road, it doesn’t take drivers long to get used to them being there and they then become less effective.

"I will continue to support residents by lobbying the council to introduce measures to make Botley road safer for residents and road users.

"I personally would like to see chicanes such as those found on Weston shore installed.

"Reducing the speed limit to 30mph is another option that could be looked into along with additional road markings."