ALMOST 30 convenience stores across Hampshire are harnessing Formula 1 technology in a drive to reduce emissions.

Southern Co-Op is rolling out technology developed by racing engineers and putting it into its fridges across its 29 Hampshire stores.

By using the racing tech, the company says it is improving refrigeration efficiency and reduce cold air being lost into the aisles.

The technology, developed by motor racing engineer Wirth Research, is expected to lead to significant reductions in CO2 emissions as it uses the same technique used to direct airflow efficiently around racing cars.

This comes as part of a drive from the company to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Gemma Lacey, director of sustainability and communications, said: “The future of our planet relies on us all urgently cutting greenhouse gas and this is one way we are doing that.

“We have set ambitious targets aligned with the latest science showing what is required globally to limit global warming to 1.5°C but we need to work collaboratively with others.”

The new EcoBlade technology is expected to reduce refrigeration energy consumption by up to 25 per cent by keeping warm air out and cool air in.

The twin-bladed shelf-edge strips were initially trialled in 2020 and will now be rolled out to all stores which have fridges without chiller doors.

The stores having the technology installed in the next month include Fareham’s Gudge Heath Lane, Milford on Sea’s High Street, Romsey’s The Hundred and Warren Gardens, Southampton’s High Street and Hursley Road and Winchester’s City Road.